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HAVEN Announces Nike x Off-White Release

After this morning's confusion, we now have a lot more clarity. HAVEN has confirmed they will release the upcoming Nike x Off-White "The Ten" collection this November. The collection will see two sneakers launch at a time IN-STORE ONLY at HAVEN from November 9th to November 20th. This means you will have to go to enter HAVEN's raffle multiple times over the course of 11 days to have a chance at the entire collection. There will be no camping allowed and there will be no online release. It is not clear yet if the HAVEN raffle will be held in-store or online. There is still no word from HAVEN on whether or not you will be able to win the raffle multiple times and be allowed to purchase multiple different shoes. Some other stores have decide to allow people to only win the raffle one time out of all 10 pairs. Stay tuned for clarification. Information for each release and the order will be communicated by HAVEN closer to the release date. At that time we will update this post with more information.
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